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Anonymous Asked:
Hey, how's it going? :)

My answer:

Life has been such a blissing haha LOL who are you? How have you been? 

So apparently this happened in 2008…

Some Yale art student wanted to spark a debate between human art and the body….so for her art project… she claims that she inseminated herself with artificial semen and then induced abortion with abortifacient drugs. She used the remains of her multiple miscarriages as art and preserved the blood too. She wanted to express her opinion on how art is suppose to be a medium for political views and ideologies. 

A lot of outrage happened with Yale actually affirming that it was okay and that it was “just performance art”. Later though under media fire, Yale tells the public that “it was just a stunt and nothing really happened according to the student”. Robert Storr though, dean of Yale’s art school, threatened to ban Shvarts (the student) from displaying her project unless she wrote a confession attesting that the project was a fiction and that no human blood would be used. But it doesn’t matter if she really did it or not.

I’m just baffled at what the hell was she thinking (Yeah guys I said hell….that must mean Jamie is serious) Does she really think that would be an okay thing to do? Where is the value anymore in a human life? O_O

Who the fudge thinks of using human baby remains as art?

Is this okay? Is abortion okay? Is murdering okay?

At this rate…

When I come back home, my parents are going to think their son has turned into a daughter.

Give me some aloe vera and fried chicken and I’ll be the happiest person ever

This guy’s poops have the smell potency of a thousand dead skunks rotting in the sun.

Oh my goodness LOL.

Like first semester, it was more of a poopie…earthy smell. Like me and Joel can handle that. 

But then it evolved.

It’s as if all he eats is a bunch of spicy ramen and all of that environmental stress completely mutated his poop into something dark and dirty. It started smelling like the fish section of the Nguyen Loi market  in our bathroom.

So me and Joel decided to counterattack and get Febreze.and various other flowery scented stuff to put in the bathroom… 

And when I finally thought everything was going to be fine….


LIKE WHAT THE HECK. IF NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS COULD SMELL, THIS WOULD BE IT LADIES AND GENTS. WHY. Did this guy import new fish and spices to his market or something in his butt oh my goodness…His poop morphed into something so dark, so disgusting…only Jesus and his grace could combat such a thing.

I fear for my life and my nose.

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Fried chicken is the cure.

“We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and it was a bad night.”

—No one, ever (via cloudberryfarm)



In honor of Michigan State’s bowl game, this will be my sustenance for the day.

….give me chicken T_T


In honor of Michigan State’s bowl game, this will be my sustenance for the day.

….give me chicken T_T

Oh my

Oh my

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interesting….they gave me an offer for interning lawl

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