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My former discipler asked me today about the times that I’ve seen God most clearly during my life…

I can honestly say that the times that I have seen God most clearly was when I was moved to take giant leaps of faith…

So many things happened when I did.

I feel like sometimes leadership itself could be a clique…so I’ve decided to try to avoid studying with a group of leaders from now on to the best of my ability…and to make myself open to others…

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I think everyone has a vision for their life, whether or not they realize it…

Godly or not as well…

…and learned shane and shane’s liberty song!

But there’s this one note that is so annoying to sing…@.@

Can’t tell if it was real…or not.

I was staring at my ceiling and then darkness overtook me…felt like I didn’t have control over my body…hmmm

That’s all I remember…then I woke up to Kendrick playing League LOL

I feel like the “elders” (hahahah elders) of Epic should write the entire history of Epic LOL hahahaha

I feel like it would be cool to come back to A&M in 20 years and see how Epic has moved forward…

And it would be funny to categorize certain periods…such as “The dark ages” or even right now in the “Golden ages”

hahahaha although that wouldn’t be appropriate to showcase I bet…

that, there is no turning back…


exists in abundance….but only in that.

This is what I’m talking abouttttttt….it’s all about dat disciplineeee


未来を知る者 by 中さん@暫く作業



未来を知る者 by 中さん@暫く作業


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