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Like really in Luke, there’s this one part where Jesus is like to his disciples, “There will be a colt in the next village ahead of us. Untie it and bring it back to me and if anyone asks you why you are taking it, just say that the Lord needs it”

and then it happens exactly as Jesus said it would and its just so funny to me…imagining it LOL and being placed in the owner of the colt’s shoes…

I would probably be bewildered by that answer LOL  

on how much time I’ve wasted on online games pre-college years…

Even though I still play games (and declining), its nowhere as near as much as those summers oh gosh….


If you talk to anyone who’s involved in a huge tragedy, you can’t say those cute cliches like “Pain forces you to grow” or “God has a wonderful plan for your life.” It sounds hollow and stupid, and I would slap myself in the face if I said those things too.

I believe more and more that not…


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LOL I was suppose to add this to my previous post but I got sidetracked…

So yeah as I was saying, I’ve been getting closer to the people who worked in the office…

Me and Kayla actually had a pretty good conversation about the nature of God LOL just randomly as well as theology and like Mormonism…(man every time I go here, I just try to expect the unexpected)

And then a week ago, I asked Dr. Rea if there was any ministry-related things to do in optometry and he said yes actually there is a lot and that he actually wanted to go to Russia for a while but he couldn’t since he owns a private practice with no other doctors to take care of it if he was away. He tells me actually that one of his eye-surgeon friends is actually going to Iraq to do ministry related work there.

I remember Justin Yeh challenging me to get more personal and more direct with people around me as a Christ follower this summer and I was like thinking, “Man is that even possible…like for reals?” initially and then all these conversations ended up being provided from nowhere LOL

Man I am soooooooooooooooo oh soooooo lucky and thankful to be interning here where I can have these conversations (that might not be possible elsewhere)…

It’s almost as if God ordained this like oh my goodness…(he probably did…hmmm…actually not probably….straight up yeah he did LOL)

I took a 2 hour nap just now and the dream was of me getting a 95.33 on my physics exam….

I called BS in my dream LOLLL so I was like NO WAY and then I ended up waking up…

and was so disappointed hahahahahaahha when I realized it really was a dream!


On another note, I’ve been getting closer to the people in the office. Today I practiced with Kayla, the optometrist assistant in the office, my manual tonographic skills and my autorefractor skillz (I haven’t been able to since its been busy).

The autorefractor was pretty easy…all you do is like move it and push a button when the machine is lined up with the patient’s eyeball..

The manual ocular tonometer was a little bit harder to get…I was getting so annoyed LOL that I couldn’t find the stupid pink hue in the eyeball

I saw the orange yellow circle and the orange yellow dot but never the reddish pinkish hue that I was suppose to see…

Kayla said it was okay that I didn’t see it now since it might have been because she was wearing contacts and also that its really rare for offices to have manual ones now; they usually have automatic ones now and the only reason they have a manual one is that they were a little lazy updating it

Dr. Rea even said that I wouldn’t be learning how to use the machines anyways in optometry school because they would  be even more automatic there ( due to optometry’s diagnostic machinery’s nature…they’re always changing).



"I’m single and ready to fling-go!!!"


A friend of mine recently called me a dad because I wore a collared shirt to church that day and looked all grown up…(whatever that means)

But sometimes, I really do feel like a dad when I give advice to people LOL

I don’t know, I guess I just have a counseling spirit inside of me…

It actually brings me joy to counsel people generally



When I’m asked, “Will God forgive me no matter what I do?” — I always say yes, no matter what you do. That’s forgiveness, to the fullest.

But often the question itself is asking for permission to do something awful, and then yank forgiveness from God like a get-out-of-jail-free card.


My formula for preaching.
- We have a problem, you guys.
- I have this problem really, really bad.
- This part of Scripture talks about it.
- God is awesome and then plot-twist, Jesus.
- C.S. Lewis, something something C.S. Lewis.
- Last thing: A story with lots of hand motions.
- Oh wait, one more last thing. Story, more hand motions.
- Prayer, which recaps the whole sermon again.
- I go to the bathroom and try not to cry.
- Taco Bus.

— J.S.


the only photo set that actually matters on this stupid website

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