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honestly can’t wait for the 50 shades movie to normalize the manipulation of lower-level female employees.  can’t wait for the new wave of “consent is sexy” banners on the cover of cosmo.  can’t wait for teen girls to think that a controlling relationship is romantic.  can’t wait for sexualized violence to become increasingly mainstream.  and most of all, i can’t wait for bdsm to be labeled a feminist revolution

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The teaching that men are to be the “spiritual leaders” of their homes is found nowhere in Scripture, and yet I—along with far too many young evangelical women—spent hours upon hours fretting over this in college, worrying I’d never find a guy who was more knowledgeable about the Bible than I, who was always more emotionally connected to God than I, who was better at leading in the church than I, and who consistently exhibited more faithfulness and wisdom than I. (In fact, under this paradigm, I came to see many of my gifts as liabilities, impediments to settling down with a good “spiritual leader”!)

Well guess what. I never found such a person. I never found a spiritual “leader.” Instead, I found a spiritual companion to travel with me on the journey of faith, for better or worse, in good times and bad, in times of spiritual wealth and in times of spiritual poverty. Dan isn’t expected to always be the strong one while I am always the weak one. Instead, we cheer each other on, help each other up, and challenge each other to do better. Sometimes we walk side by side, moving along at a quick pace. Sometimes we help each other over boulders and fallen trees. Sometimes I’m leading the way; sometimes Dan is. Sometimes I carry him and sometimes he carries me. The journey of faith is far too treacherous and exciting and beautiful to spend it looking at the back of another person’s head. Jesus leads us down the path, and we tackle it together, one step at a time.

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…although, I also think men and women can be companions (in terms of legal rights, education, everything else, the whole shebang), I think Christ intended for couples to be an image of the church and him…so still lending on the traditional spiritual view for now though…


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The realest thing I ever wrote.



It’s been a few years since I quit porn, and I’ve written and podcasted tons about porn addiction. I still get random emails and an assortment of friends who ask me for help to quit. I used to reply eagerly, get in their mess, ask…

She was complaining how her apartment got trashed by her former boyfriend (she and him moved in a couple of months ago I think) and how it was so immature of him to do so…

Honestly, I feel really bad for her after seeing the pictures of her apartment but dang gurllll, you can’t play with fire without expecting to not get burned.

Knowing the dude myself (he was always sort of those unsavory types in high school…bless his heart), and knowing how they moved in together, this just reinforces my view on how couples should not move in together or share keys oh my goodness…


[Angry post. Sorry.]

I know too many Christians who are yelling, “Don’t guilt-trip me bro, you can’t judge my faith, don’t be a hater, Jesus loves me no matter what” — and this is really a pseudo-grace that doesn’t even begin to address the complex reality of our messed-up beat-up hearts.


“Grace is not so much any one action or rule or attitude, but grace is more of a story about broken people being loved and healed.

Let me tell you about my first pastor. When I first came to church over ten years ago, I was a stubborn thick-headed horny atheist who was looking for hot Christian girls. I hated the sermons but I kept coming back: because there was something about this pastor.

He endured with me. I asked him tons of annoying questions about God and the Bible, but he answered them patiently. I screwed up a lot: I slept with a few girls in the church and confessed them all, but he never flinched. He called me and texted me when I never replied. He bought me lunches, dinners, books, and sent cards to my house. He spent hours praying for me. He never once lost his temper with me.

Over time, I realized how much of a jerk I was to him. I didn’t listen; I was late all the time; I got drunk and went to strip clubs on Saturday nights before strolling in hungover on Sundays; I hardly asked how he was doing. BUT: he was endlessly loving. And the grace of this man completely melted me. I’ve known him now for thirteen years, and there’s no way I could be the person I am today without him.

I remember small moments. When one day I was horribly depressed, and he wrote me a letter right in front of me. When I got out of the hospital from swallowing a bottle of pills, and he listened without judging. When I was sobbing hysterically one day and he gripped both my hands and told me, "It’ll be okay. God still loves you and He will never stop."

Even now, my eyes glisten and my heart swells at his sacrifice. His grace fundamentally ripped away my selfishness and disturbed my ego. I deserved nothing and he gave me his all.”

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Dang dude I’m bewildered

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asked me why I was short today at church and I was like,

"The only thing that matters in this world is power. Power to destroy your enemies." -dark sinister grin as I hover over him- 

LOLLLL he was like AHHH WHY ARE YOU SO SCARY!!! -runs off-

In hindsight, I shoulda added Jesus at the end just because LOl



Anonymous asked (edited for length):

I know you lovingly and jokingly ‘hate’ on reformed churches. I spent half my life in a reformed Church, but after moving states, I’ve been called to a somewhat more ‘neutral’ denomination … But I miss the deep theology and…

"I remember the taste of your milk in my mouth." -The most idiotic quote from Lucy-

Yeah it’s a pretty bad movie LOL

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